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World's human population...

with 200,000 added every day!

Global population growth...humanity's biggest problem?

The Sierra Club, Mother Lode Chapter,
Committee for a Sustainable World Population(CSWP)
presents a
FREE regional showing of the film:


Included in this acclaimed film...
Earth's carrying capacity vs humanity's demands
Assuring a decent future for our children in a crowded world
Changing our mindset from conquering to caring
Women's empowerment; the key to change
Taking individual action; having global impact
Curbing our resource consumption
How we can each be part of the change

The human race is at a critical juncture... World population growth fuels all other environmental problems!

Bring your family and friends to see this remarkable film!!

Winner, Best Colorado Film, International Film Festival, 2011

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Letters to the Editor

For a wealth of information on population issues, check out CSWP member Karen Pitts' web-site,

The U.C. Davis newspaper, the Aggie, now carries a daily message relating to global population growth...circulation of the Aggie is over 10,000 a day.

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Letters of Recognition

Letters of recognition have been sent to the following individuals and organizations:

  • Professors Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Stanford University
  • Albert Bartlett (Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado)
  • Population Connection
  • The Population Institute
  • The Obama administration for its revocation of the "global gag order" which formerly blocked abortion-related services to foreign countries
  • Center for Biological Diversity, which recently added a population page on its web site
  • Sierra Club Global Population and Environment Program
  • Sample Letter of Recognition

    January 24, 2011
    Professors Paul and Anne Ehrlich
    Center for Conservation Biology
    Stanford, CA 94505

    With this letter, the Committee for a Sustainable World Population (CSWP) of the Sierra Club Mother Lode Chapter wishes to recognize your courageous and resolute efforts over several decades to relate world overpopulation and world population growth to global environmental problems.

    World population growth increasingly stresses our limited global natural resources, and contributes to the degradation of our air, land, water, and fish and wildlife habitats. Continuing global population growth will inevitably overwhelm any attempts to reduce per capita resource consumption, and to attain environmental sustainability.

    Best wishes for success in your vital population-related programs during 2011!

    Our Mission

    Our goal is to increase awareness of the environmental impacts of population growth and overconsumption of natural resources, and to help improve access to family planning, reproductive health, and sex and environmental education services.

    We offer a speaker's bureau, and we promote population awareness at public events, fairs, and conferences.


    Chuck Knutson, Motherlode Population Chair

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  • Sierra Club Global Population and Environment Program (National)
  • Population Connection
  • Population Media Center

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    Ask me about a Population slide show presentation to your group. I do a show on Nepal and Bangladesh and another show on Ethiopia
    Karen Gaia Pitts

    Volunteers wanted!

    Join the Population Committee. Help the environment. But we can't do it alone. Please sign up for:
  • tabling at events
  • legislative watch dog/lobbying organizer
  • media liason
  • letter writing
  • brainstormer

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    2012: Happy couple, just won a CBD condom on the CSWP roulette wheel

    Is there a relation between religion, sex and the number of babies per woman? In this TED talk from Doha, Qatar, Hans Rosling discusses this delicate topic and explains the main reason why the world population will increase with another 3 billion people.

    It's not religion; it's not income. What is it?